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Poster: louhop Date: Jul 6, 2020 12:01pm
Forum: texts Subject: Re: Multiple books but no 14 borrowing term

Thank you for your help - but can I ask what the reasoning was for edition and not book ? It seems very narrow.

Also which criteria is used to assess whether two instances of books are the same edition?

It is certainly not the Edition attribute. There are two version of My Friend Flicka by Mary O'hara that have their Edition attribute set to '1st HarperFestival ed.' yet they do not have the 14 day option.

So what criteria are used?

For example, if the title is the same but the author's name is presented differently - would they be automatically assumed to be different editions, although they may not be. Also since you can have two editions exactly the same, printed in the same year, how do you determine that they are two different editions?
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